Accelerating the construction of ecological civilization in order to effectively promote the new Environmental Protection Law of

Accelerating the construction of ecological civilization in order to effectively promote the new Environmental Protection Law of

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2018/10/11 09:06
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For the purpose of facilitating the development of the ecological civilization construction, for the effective implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Construction recently held to establish a green GDP. 0 system after the special session, restart the green GDP.


Ministry of Environmental Protection Li Qingrui, director of policy and regulation department, said the green GDP accounting 2. 0 restart research project is to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping on perfecting the economic and social development evaluation system, the resource consumption, environmental damage,Ecological benefit of ecological progress construction of indexes for evaluating economic and social development, and allowing it to become the ecological civilization construction of guiding and constraining the directives.Politburo of the Communist Party of China on March 24 and adopted the Law of the People's Republic of China on Accelerating the Construction of Ecological Civilization of opinion "was directed by its natural resources balance sheet, assets of auditing of the natural resources, ecological environment compensation and the responsibility and such major institutions as a breakthrough to deepen reform of ecological civilization.On the new Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China also urged the local government area of jurisdiction is responsible for the quality of the environment, establish the carrying capacity of resources and environment, monitoring and early warning mechanisms, the environmental protection object responsibility system and evaluation system, economic policy should take fully into account the impact on the environment.


Li Qingrui said the green GDP research project is to promote a green transformation and development of important incentive of comprehensively deepening reform.conduct of environmental - economic accounts and verified on the basis of the environmental, economic and social development of the accounting of environment cost, will be estimated and the environmental situation, and explore the environment asset accounting application, a long - term ecological progress requirements of the economic and social development evaluation system, promote the forming of low consumption of resources,And less environmental pollution. The green industry and green production and lifestyle.


Green GDP statistics by the United Nations that are members of the earliest advocates of a comprehensive system of environmental - economic accounting.Green GDP Check, is in the process of economic activities is reflected in the resource environment of national economic accounting system, the cost of resources, the cost of environmental degradation, ecological damage and the cost of pollution treatment costs deducted from gross domestic product (GDP).The purpose of closing the traditional GDP fails to measure the consumption of natural resources and destroy ecological environment of the defect.


Green GDP began in 2004, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics, the original green GDP calculation of research work.In 2005, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning and other 10 provinces, municipalities directly under the Ministry of Education started a survey of Environmenta pollution content of the green GDP.In September 2006, the former State Environmental Protection Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics jointly promulgated the "China Green National Accounting Study Report 2004", which is our country first by the pollution loss - adjusted GDP accounting study report.In 2004 began the study, the experts group is referred to as a green GDP. 0, the restart of the study is now referred to as a green GDP +. 0.


Li Qingrui said the green GDP is still an ongoing study, pending maturity of the project, is on the basis of the existing system of useful complement rather than denied.And a green GDP, green GDP + 3.0 to seek innovation.In content, it is necessary to increase the environmental capacity, on the basis of environmental carrying capacity study, outlining the high resource consumption, environmental pollution and ecological destruction in the hardest - hit areas, the "family environment".Technically, overcome the problem of the weakness in the early data, accounting data and technology, make full use of satellite remote sensing, the Census and other data from different sources, the construction support of Green GDP Accounting of big data platform.


Li Qingrui, head of the Green GDP 2. 0 mainly includes four aspects: one is the environmental cost, environmental degradation and improve environmental cost - benefit calculation, to fully and objectively reflect the economic activities of the "environmental price";Second, environmental capacity and the capacity of the foundation to develop the research capacity of the environment;Third, ecosystems are GDP accounting, performance evaluation will be carried out;Fourth, economic transformation and green policies, and on the basis of the calculation result, and to promote regional green economic transformation, establish the development mode of environmental carrying capacity, the proposed long - term policy recommendations.


While the green GDP which was close to meeting. 0 Accounts System of Research Program.first phase (2014 - 2015): a combination of related departments and research institutions, international learning experience for reference, accounting framework system, research and technical specifications of environmental capacity at the national level, the GDP of the ecosystem accounting, established policy application system, the formation of the accounting technical support capability,Organizations establish green GDP accounting of the relevant technical specifications.During the second period (2016 - 2017): In order to test the green GDP + 1.0 accounting method of estimating the feasibility of different pilot areas, a pilot content include the environmental cost and environmental accounting, environmental accounting, ecosystem and green GDP accounting of economic transformation policy experiment.Different areas according to their economic development and ecological environment have different characteristics, which can select the pilot content.As this is a pioneering and innovative research projects, and there is short of the international successful experience for reference, which needs a longer time to explore.Therefore, the study results, in what form, when released, will depend on the research process.