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Ecological Environment Department: responsible to establish a national carbon market system

Ecological Environment Department: responsible to establish a national carbon market system

2018/09/14 18:54
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Zhuang Guotai, vice - minister of environment in September to begin on 5 of the power generation industry to participate in a national carbon emissions trading market the mobilization meeting, says the next step is to establish a national carbon market system.To promote the nation's carbon emission right transaction regulations, and duly issue corporate emissions Report Management Measures, the Measures for the Administration of market transaction, the verification mechanism on the management of important administration systems.

He represented, also promote voluntary greenhouse gas emissions trading mechanism, create the conditions, as soon as possible, country certification voluntary emission reductions included a national carbon market, the market mechanism can play its forestry carbon sequestration in the areas of supporting action.

National carbon emissions trading system last year, which starts on 19 December, "a national carbon emissions trading market (programme for the construction of the power generation industry)" released at the same time.In April, to address climate change in the functions by the National Development and Reform Commission was transferred to the newly formed part of the ecological environment.The mobilization of deployment would be ecological environment as part of their national climate change department, first by the local environmental protection and the development and reform departments to jointly participate in the work of a national carbon market conference.

Zhuang Guotai, head of the will to power generation industry as a breakthrough in transactions, towards increased participation of the industry - wide carbon market transactions and the scope of the subjects increased trading varieties and increase the market liveness, while preventing excessive speculation and excessive financial, risk and financial risk,Give full play to the carbon market in greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the cost of the whole society.

At the end of 2011, China approved in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hubei, Chongqing, provinces and seven pilot carbon emissions trading.These included a pilot power, steel, cement and other industries, with nearly 3,000 major emission units.According to public records, as of September 2017, with an accumulative quota trading volume reaching 1. 7 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, about 45 billion yuan RMB, pilot within the range of total carbon emissions and intensity exhibits a double drop trend.

CAITONG SECURITIES argues, the industry will be integrated into the national carbon - trading market of carbon dioxide emissions, which is estimated to be 3500 tons, which accounted for 74% of total emissions.As the industry in the national total emissions of carbon dioxide emissions in a large percentage of the total, even in the case of a national carbon market is one of the first to include only one power industry, carbon market coverage of carbon dioxide emissions would also accounts for 39% of total emissions.

In his view, for carbon trading, investors should first focus on equity exchanges dealing in carbon in the listed company, this company makes its money through transaction costs, trading financial innovation such as the direct beneficiaries.The second is to provide an energy saving transformation services of listed companies, these companies help energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing carbon emissions cost.The third is a clean production enterprise, passes through the low - carbon production, development and sale of CCER.The fourth is a clean energy, carbon markets mature, low - carbon economy would be enhanced, a favorable wind, photovoltaic, optothermal enterprise.The fifth is in the field.