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Future Xiongan new district will mainly use the clean energy

2018/09/14 18:59
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According to reporter from August 25 to August 26 at the male An New Area convened the 2018 international summit on clean heating was informed that the National Energy Administration will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of local governments, promote clean heating in Tianjin and the surrounding areas and achieved significant results,And in the advancement process is also particularly keen on good male An New Area as well as exemplary.

The National Energy Administration chief economist Guo Zhi, future male An New Area will optimize the energy consumption structure, consumption of clean energy for all.The National Energy Administration attaches great importance to the northern winter heating cleaning, cleaning of the heating outputs, to the establishment and implementation, ensuring the orderly progress of cleaning of the heating operation.
Increase policy leading and market oriented, continued to develop its coal - fired power plants to achieve ultra - low emissions, so as to promote cogeneration and concentrated heat source to the full realization of the end of cleaning.Electric heating "to further clarify the technical route and construction of associated power network scale, the user pushes heating and wind - electricity direct trade.
Next, the National Energy Administration will fully consider the northern resource endowments and, at the time of heating and long, should adhere to the gas is air, then the electrical power, then the light should light, in which the oil is oil, coal is coal, gradual warming pushes the cleaning work.Accelerated natural gas production, supply and storage system for the construction, the continuous upgrading of the natural gas supply capacity, ensuring the northern winter for heating the cleaning gas.Actively promote biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy heating.Electric Power Planning and Design Institute put forward Xie Qiuye, male An future scientific utilization of geothermal resources, natural gas, power, geothermal, biomass and other energy supply mode, forming a multi - energy complementary heat supply of the cleaning system.
Currently, the northern boundary of clean heating amounts to only accordance with ten ministries and commissions jointly promulgated by the end of last year "and the northern winter heating cleaning planning (2017 - 2021)", by 2019, north of cleaning heating rate to reach 50%, instead of loose coal 74m tonnes;By 2021, the northern warm cleaning rate will reach 70 percent, instead of loose coal - burning is 1. 5 billion tons, geothermal, biomass, solar and other clean sources, such as a heat source are presented with the best of times