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Group profile

The large-scale diversified holding enterprise group approved by the State Council in 1983 is headquartered in Beijing with a registered capital of RMB 10 billion. It has more than 250 molecular companies and more than 25,000 employees at home and abroad, with an annual business income of 80 billion yuan. The Group's core businesses are: new energy, power development, environmental protection, investment, transportation industry, finance, medicine, health industry, agricultural development, construction, operation and management, power (heat) production and sales and product development, investment, construction, Production, sales, industrial investment management and management. Since its establishment, the company has gradually formed a "red company serving socialism with Chinese characteristics; a green company that focuses on science and environmental protection; and a blue company that keeps pace with the times, learns and innovates, and faces the world". Corporate mission. The company has operations in more than 80 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It has participated in the “West-to-East Gas Transmission” mainline project with the British and Dutch Shell and Gazprom, and has a joint venture with Sren Nebeck. Established the company, and comprehensively carried out the construction of natural gas utilization projects. The company has gradually developed into an enterprise group with an influential industrial core at home and abroad.
      The company's development has witnessed the process of national reform and opening up and deepening enterprise reform. The company is affiliated to the National Energy Group. The company is a large-scale group enterprise specializing in energy development and investment, integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company's main business is to serve large energy backbone enterprises in several countries, to provide them with high quality and reliable energy, to support the country's energy layout and development; the company is covered by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the business covers the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
      Over the years, the company was under the guidance of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Under the guidance of the steady development of the business, the company actively responded to the call of the state to enter the international energy field and achieved good results. In the past ten years, the company's business has developed across industries and across borders. It has been highly recognized by domestic and foreign governments and partners. The company has made due contributions to the country's pioneers of “going out and looking for resources”. In the past ten years, the company has been in the State Council. Under the requirements and guidance of the Asset Supervision and Administration Commission, the company makes full use of platform advantages and brand influence to seize opportunities and base on energy, finance, science and technology, environmental protection, mining, cultural tourism, health, agricultural development, urban infrastructure and other fields. Linkage, scientific development, and a successful leap in development in the past decade.
      As a practitioner of the national energy policy and an early enterprise that seeks energy for the country to “go global”, the company is committed to comprehensively carrying out internationalization and diversification of international energy industry investment and development. The international layout is highly consistent with the national “Belt and Road” strategy. . In the domestic field, the company actively promotes the energy production and consumption revolution, continuously enhances China's energy independence guarantee capability, and becomes the most trusted energy industry partner. The company provides green and high-quality energy products and services to the vast number of industrial partners and energy consumers by building the nation's largest high-quality gas station chain platform and integrated business system. With advanced management concepts and strong comprehensive strength, the company consciously fulfills its social responsibilities, standardizes management, innovates and develops, and comprehensively creates a new situation of sustainable development, making the “China National Energy” brand an internationally renowned and domestic first-class brand. High-end energy brand.
      In the past 30 years, China National Energy Group Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly and better in the fields of energy, finance, science and technology, environmental protection, mining, cultural tourism, health, agricultural development and urban infrastructure. Business distribution at home and abroad. Looking forward to the new era, the company will adhere to the main development direction of energy, finance, science and technology, environmental protection, mining, cultural tourism, health, agricultural development and urban infrastructure construction in the next ten years; adhere to innovation and development, integrity development, and harmonious development; The brand development strategy of “enterprise platformization, platform socialization”. All employees of the company work together with colleagues from all walks of life to jointly build a new era and jointly create a better future.


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