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Development path
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Development path
China energy group


Guoneng Group adheres to the strategic thinking of large energy, large projects, major restructuring, and large opening, promotes structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, strengthens and optimizes leading industries, continuously enhances core competitiveness, and strives to achieve asset scale and sales at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan. The revenue, total profit, installed capacity of power holdings and the length of the natural gas trunking pipeline network have at least doubled from 2010, and the assets of 100 billion yuan will be realized by 2020.

China energy group


With the deepening of the power system reform, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading have been realized, and it has become a large-scale enterprise group mainly focusing on electricity, covering natural gas, finance, coal logistics, environmental energy, and electric power service industries.

China energy group


The group entered the health industry and began planning and constructing the voyage health city project. The project will create a high-end complex that provides health services to elites.


More than 50 leading enterprises in e-commerce, modern services, financial information, and corporate headquarters have been introduced. The total number of employees in the park has exceeded 1,200, and it has successfully become a business district in the northern region.


The Group invested in the establishment of a small loan limited liability company, which provides micro-credit services for small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed persons and “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”.


The group is involved in industrial energy. According to the plan, the project will be integrated into science and technology, energy, finance, and e-commerce. It will increase the adjustment of the industrial structure and develop into a comprehensive enterprise group with cross-domain, diversified and industrial core competitiveness.