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Talent Concept
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Human resource positioning:

Encourage the potential of employees to promote healthy growth, enhance organizational capabilities and promote strategic realization.


guiding ideology:

Inviting people with great cause, attractive treatment attracts people, excellent culture condenses people, creates conditions to create people.


Basic strategy:

Recruitment and appointment

Morality is preferred, and ability is essential. Under the premise of recognizing corporate values, we must adhere to the principle of morality, emphasize competence and quality, respect individual differences, attach importance to complementarity of members, and improve team performance.

The standard is clear, first inside and outside. Continuously improve the position system and competency model, clarify the criteria for employing people; follow the principle of “internal internal and external”, open all vacancies, actively promote job competition, provide employees with fair development opportunities, and ensure the use of uniform processes and decision-making. The transparency of the process.

Employee Development

Strategic traction, shared responsibility. Guoneng builds a talent training system based on the ability requirements of the strategic goals. Employees and the state can share the responsibility for capacity improvement. Employees are the main body of their personal development. Direct leadership is the instructor of employee development, and human resources department is the development of employees. Organizers, the three parties maintain good interaction and communication, so that the needs of employees and business needs can find the best fit, so that employees can grow together with the country.


Market traction, effective incentives. Provide competitive compensation and benefits according to market standards, attract and retain outstanding talents; implement rich and positive incentives to stimulate employees' innovative potential.

Value building, value sharing. Objectively assess employee responsibility, ability and performance, and motivate employees and businesses to create a career and share results.

Exit mechanism

Reasonable guarantee and moderate elimination. Guoneng does its best to provide comprehensive and reasonable guarantees for employees who are loyal to the cause and contributes. At the same time, it will moderately eliminate employees who do not meet the requirements of national culture and strategic performance, and maintain a virtuous circle of talents.