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Agricultural tourism and rural complex
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Give full play to the location conditions that the planning area has advantages, and give new understanding and brand concepts to agriculture through measures such as resource reshaping and cultural introduction without changing the nature of the land.

In accordance with the national AAAAA-level scenic spot standard, the project will be built into a comprehensive agricultural tourism comprehensive development project that integrates the functions of agro-eco-tourism, local experience, boutique, homestay, education, parent-child life, health and holiday, and other three-generation agricultural and agricultural park standards.




Create a stunning landscape that highlights the taste and quality of Chaohu Lake

Reduce the situation that the project is not facing the water, and carry out the earthwork arrangement of the project through artificial means, and form a large landscape pattern of the island lake within the existing foundation.



Linking the government's wetland park, the edge of the project's dam is turned into a wetland scenery belt, which forms a larger and more beautiful wetland environment and becomes the peripheral landscape system of the whole project.

The construction of the terminal, with the theme of fishing port style, combined with the industry to create a master of tourism, culture and landscape. It will be built into a tourism distribution center on the south bank of Chaohu Lake. One service is Chaohu, and the other is linked to Sanhe Ancient Town.



According to the results of the base analysis, according to the characteristics of the land, the implementation of the plan according to local conditions; adhering to the principle of introducing the agricultural industry into the park, and on the basis of ensuring large-scale agricultural planting, the total area of the space in the “three zones” will be realized on the land. Division.

In addition, the use of the agricultural industry's own better compatibility, integration of tourism and other ancillary services, enrich the planning area, and ultimately achieve the planning and layout of the three zones and three sections.

Create a polder landscape that is shocked by park agriculture

Through the finishing of the terrain, we will create the “water township agriculture” with the characteristics of Chaohu Lake. We will organize the production areas of the water towns in the form of Putian, the characteristic fishing boats that shuttle in the farmland, the rice, rapeseed, fruit trees and other crops grown on the fields. Become a beautiful scenery.