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Agricultural Technology Demonstration Park

Planning interpretation

The project team gave a basic development strategy of the eco-technical agricultural demonstration docking government and the customized farm docking market through multiple inspections of the site and detailed surveys of the surrounding markets. The market in Hanzhong is too small, and the market in Xi'an is large but far away. For this project, the tourism driver is obviously not suitable. However, this four-hour high-speed drive is not a big problem for the logistics of agricultural products. It is feasible to develop the agricultural industry. At the same time, the company and individual custom farms are combined with Party A's original financial investment tools to form new agricultural investment tools, and cooperate with foreign investment funds to quickly obtain cash flow and return on investment. For this project, the distance is really a bad injury, so how can people agree with the value of the farm? Through in-depth excavation of local resources, the project team gave “only healthy landscapes to produce healthy agricultural products”. This core brand concept is characterized by the fact that it cannot be developed due to its location in the South-North Water Transfer Project. The polluting industry, while the long-term traditional farming methods, has given the region a valuable land and water source for ecological agriculture development resources in today's industrialized agricultural development era. At the same time, combined with the application of modern agricultural science and technology, this project will become a demonstration park for regional ecological agriculture science and technology development and a representative brand of healthy agricultural products.