Transportation industry

Transportation industry
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The company speeded up the construction of integrated logistics system of coal, road, port and transportation, in order to give full play to the advantages of specialized management, strengthen unified and coordinated management, integrate industrial chain resources, promote the construction of large logistics system, optimize real-time transportation, and expand the direct cross-region of land transportation. Supply has effectively promoted internal industry synergy.
The Group established the Fuel Port and Airline Management Department to strengthen the management of the port and shipping industry functions of the Group; it has successively opened 12 coal mines such as Handan, Yubei and Jinggangshan to directly supply coal supply business; to take advantage of the operational advantages of imported coal, rationally allocate resources and capacity. Power plant demand to ensure internal industry synergy.
  It has a 2155km regional transportation network with a transportation capacity of 521 million tons. It has 3 professional coal ports (terminals) and 62 own ships. The port has a designed handling capacity of 247 million tons. The Shenque and Shuohuang Railways are one of the four major cross-century projects identified by the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the second major channel for China's West Coal East Transportation.