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Break the bottleneck of supply and demand, let the grid intelligently interact, balance and order

Break the supply-demand bottleneck to realize the smart interaction,balance and order of power grid

Guoneng Group“Energy Internet of Things”Based on the demand-side integrated energy supply platform of the new energy industry chain of Guoneng Energy, it integrates operational data, meteorological analysis, and electricity market parameters to conduct big data analysis, load forecasting, and power generation forecasting, so that energy supply and demand information can be fully interconnected and realized. The ultimate goal of energy network interaction with type, multi-path, multi-characteristic energy, complementary information, supply and demand information symmetry and multi-energy coordination. The Energy Internet of Things uses the power grid and natural gas pipeline network as the main source of energy supply across regions, supplemented by cold, heat, water and gas in the park to increase the proportion of clean energy consumption.

Energy internet operating system

Energy Internet operating system