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Recycling of renewable resources
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China National Energy Group Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation“Guoneng Group”),It is China's leading integrated renewable resource enterprise group and is the core business segment of China's large-scale professional environmental protection. The company has a registered capital of 10 billion yuan and a working capital of 10 billion yuan. It has more than 250 subsidiaries in the country, nearly 30,000 employees, and annual revenue of nearly 12 billion yuan.

Guoneng reclaimed the deep-growing industry, forged ahead, and leapfrog development, and established six development strategies: the investment and operation of renewable resources projects, with the offline multi-entity industry and online easy-to-renew O2O trading platform as the two wings. The layout of the six major areas. The physical industry involves the disposal of electronic waste, scrap car dismantling and remanufacturing, hazardous waste disposal, industrial park operation, deep processing, etc., forming a large pattern covering the entire industrial chain of recycling, primary processing and deep processing. The annual dismantling capacity reached 24.58 million units, ranking first in the industry. At the same time, Guoneng Regeneration actively responds to the country's “Internet +” strategy, innovative industry business model, builds an easy-to-renew O2O trading platform, promotes the industrial commune model, and builds a division of labor, mutual benefit and win-win industry complex to meet users in all aspects. Demand, awarded the honorary title of B2B industry benchmark enterprise by China Electronic Commerce Association.

Smart to create renewable resources and share green development. Facing the future, Guoneng Recycling will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of striving for stability and innovation, and relying on capital strength, management innovation and technological advantages to intensively cultivate in the renewable resources industry, continue to innovate and continuously surpass, further improve the domestic layout and actively integrate. The Belt and Road National Strategy is committed to becoming a leading domestic and internationally renowned renewable resource brand enterprise!