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Comprehensive management of water affairs
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After years of operation, Guoneng Group has accumulated rich experience in operation and management, integrated advanced domestic and foreign specialized technologies, and formed a whole industry chain service platform integrating investment, construction and operation of intelligent water affairs, ecological management and comprehensive utilization of energy resources. Utilize big data, mobile, intelligent, cloud computing, and Internet of Things technologies to achieve changes in urban water resources management from quantity to quality. Its main business is the investment, construction and operation management of municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, township sewage, reclaimed water, municipal water supply and urban and rural water supply plant network integration projects. Water source development and water source environmental protection, municipal water supply and urban and rural water supply have been formed. The complete water system ecological industry circle of integrated water supply services such as integration, secondary water supply and direct drinking water, sewage collection, sewage treatment and reuse, and integrated water environment management, the total scale of water supply and drainage projects is nearly 4 million tons.