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The business scope of Guoneng Group involves investment and operation in the fields of sanitation, waste materials recycling, etc. The company's business scope mainly includes: professional contracting; construction project management; urban landscaping; sanitation project investment; investment management; asset management; Technical consulting, technical services; sales of sanitation equipment; cleaning services; urban environmental sanitation management, etc. The professional sanitation business investment and operation platform created by the company can provide customers with “one-stop” services such as investment, R&D, consulting, design, construction, operation and equipment in the sanitation field. Based on the concept of “Internet +”, Guoneng Group is becoming an integrated urban and rural environmental service provider integrating environmental sanitation operation, star public toilet construction and operation, renewable resource recovery, logistics, advertising, landscaping, street lighting and road maintenance management. It is one of the first companies in the country to practice “two networks integration”, namely garbage sorting and recycling resources.