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Solid waste disposal and utilization
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Different treatment processes for different oily wastes, oil-based drilling waste (waste oil-based mud, oil-containing cuttings, etc.) and refining and chemical “three muds” (oil-filled tank bottom) are treated in the most reasonable way. Mud, flotation scum, residual activated sludge), floor sludge, oil pit sludge, invaded soil, clear tank sludge and other oil and gas oily waste.




Business Scope

Drilling waste (waste oil-based mud, oil-containing cuttings, etc.)

Floor sludge, oil pit sludge, clear sludge, sludge bag

Refining and refining three mud grease trap bottom sludge, flotation scum, residual activated sludge)

Service Content

Provide technical consultation, program design, sludge disposal equipment manufacturing, sales, engineering design, contracting, project implementation, commercial operation, etc.


▪ Thermal phase separation 

▪ Intermittent thermal phase separation

▪ Quenching and tempering separation technology

▪ Waste reinjection technology

▪ Oil tank mechanical cleaning technology