• Mission


    The ultimate goal of the company is to add value for the socicty and to improve the life of people

  • Idea


    Adhere to the professional, Sustainable innovation Cooperation and mutual benefits

  • Spirit


    Work diligently in defiance of difficulties and make continued progress.

  • Value


    Working together closely with our stakeholders and partners to create mutual values and benefits

  • Vision


    The ultimate goal of the company is to add value for the socicty and to improve the life of people.

Corporate purposes:
Corporate purposes:
Serve the country with industry; benefit the people with employment; educate the world with science and technology, and innovate with science and technology
Corporate vision:
Let black oil turn into green energy, and let green energy become a happy life for the people.
Corporate values:
Strive for national rejuvenation, national prosperity, local development and the happy life of employees

The logo is composed of the letters C and E. C and E are the initials of the group company's English abbreviation CHINA ENERGY, which means China National Energy Group. The overall meaning of the logo is: China Guoneng Group conscientiously implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and actively responds to the great call of General Secretary Xi Jinping for "socialism is done", adhering to the glorious mission of "dedication to clean energy and building beautiful China". A world-class energy group with global competitiveness.

The main color of the pattern is red and blue, which is the main color of the national flag and sky blue. It indicates that China National Energy Group resolutely implements Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It clearly adheres to the party's leadership, strengthens party building, and adheres to the central government's surname party and inheritance. Red genes, holding high the banner and brave the mission. The combination of black text and red graphics symbolizes the development of energy, finance, technology, environmental protection, mining, cultural tourism, health, agricultural development, and urban infrastructure-related industries.

The logo is generally round in shape, symbolizing the earth, which means that China Guoneng Group adheres to the globalization of development; it is like the rising of the sun, and the meaning of the group company was born in the great moment of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, shouldering a new mission and opening a new journey. Vibrant and promising.

C and E are closely combined into one, which absorbs the socialist logo elements with Chinese characteristics, and the meaning is closely integrated and integrated, demonstrating “combination, integration, integration, cooperation, synergy and integration”. Reflecting the vitality of the high-spirited, dynamic and beautiful.

The logo is simple and clear, the shape is tough, and the Zhuang is very important. It symbolizes the responsibility of the Guoneng Group to maintain the national energy security stabilizer and ballast stone. The logo has a strong industrial sense and highlights the industrial characteristics of the group company.